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I’ll be watching

don’t scare me like that 😂

Already looks better than LTV 😂 🥳

😂 mostly because of Bubble Tea

cc :[@lunatichacker@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/lunatichacker)

it doesn’t have to be flat, we can keep hierarchies in group chats

that’s not what i had in mind. we can have multiple threads within a group chat

lol I just replaced the image and name from this

lol, you’re right i have to build the comment tree myself too, looks like a lot of work i think i’ll pass too

nice. i’m a bit busy irl with family and work, will have a go at implementing comment backup once i get back.

actually lemmy allows getting any number of posts with one request.

I put paging back so large communities won’t use up to much memory.

i don’t see how that helps since the user has no control over the paging. you’re making a lot of additional requests to get the same data

don’t know, i would love to host it somewhere else if i make some changes, anything that permits that will be nice