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How to make custom changes to a lemmy code base and deploy it to your instance. A video walk through.
Saw someone on github ask for a video on making changes to lemmy to edit their instance. I had a few minutes today and made a video. I hope someone finds this useful. [Instructions to clone down and debug lemmy in VSCode here]( Or you can use the default lemmy docker build instructions [here](

The ansible install just installs lemmy via docker-compose. All your files will be stored in,


The database files and pictures are stored in In a folder called Volumes.

To move lemmy you can just move that volumes directory. If you change domain names you’ll have to run some scripts on your data. I do this to run a production db locally. Changing all the references to the domain name to or what ever the new domain name is

I didn’t really make it to be right wing. I’m only slightly right of center. Its meant to be more of a freedom instance where speech is not policed heavily. Like the old “toxic” internet some people remember fondly. Basically xbox live chat on halo2. We have a communist community and I welcome and encourage anyone of any political leaning to wolfballs. Its just that most left leaning people have already found a home here, reddit, lemmygrad ect… So unless they just want to debate or troll they typically don’t come to wolfballs.

imo comments aren’t that important. Maybe for tech subs. Feel like lemmy needs moderation tools the most. I might look at one of those to build out. Playing with the dev environment today.

That would be a lot of CSS so I have been avoiding it. Would be awesome if you get it to work though.

Just refactored it a good bit. Should be easier to read through the logic now. Error handling is better

Good to know

Originally I just took the json output and stuck it through a rust struct generator here

Then I looked at lemmy code to get the time format and check which values needed to be optional.

If you or other’s would like a video demonstration I made one the other day for reddit

It is a little confusing if you are new to federation but works really well.