• @marmulak@lemmy.ml
      13 years ago

      I assume not. I started using minigalaxy recently since I heard about its latest release, and it does almost nothing and some of what it is supposed to do is bugged. (On my system it doesn’t create desktop menu items properly when asked to, so the faulty .desktop files it creates do nothing. I edit them manually to fix the wrong paths.)

      Pros: It does download and install the games for you, and it does download and install DLC for you, making it easier to use than just the website. It lets you know what DLC you have and also if there are updates it figures it out and can install the updates.

      Cons: Doesn’t seem to download incremental updates for games, but instead downloads the entire installer for every update. Not sure what the official client does, but this is possibly countless gigabytes of wasted bandwidth. As mentioned above it hardly does anything else, or does it wrong.

      You might as well just use the website, since it does notify you when things get updated, and you’re going to download the installer anyway. Official GOG installer creates the right .desktop files as well.