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i’d suggest using your own instance for that

Recs for a reliable vanlife van without breaking the bank?
I prefer higher ceilings and enough room for a small toilet area. I know Sprinters are gold standard, but they're not cheap and maintenance sucks. Still prob cheaper than rent if i finance it.

better federation? it works with mastodon and pelorma so far

maybe more privacy features, like offering an invidious link when someone posts youtube, nitter for twitter, stuff like that

I really like GOG, they make older games easy to play on Linux. They even have extras in some games I’ve bought, like that Fallout 1/2 app for fixing bugs and upgrading graphics etc. It’s super fucking annoying they don’t have a native Linux client, the main reason I don’t use them much, I also want to play old games on my shitty Windows work computer too, but it doesn’t sync saves with my awesome but not powerful ThinkPad at home

Posts aren't showing up and join requests aren't being approved when i try to follow communities

So Reddit did a whole lot of nothing for Black Friday
Weren't they trying to bring back Anonymous or something lol

Kolektiva.social down?
I think it was offline a bit yesterday too

Open link in new window?
That would be a nice feature, unless I'm missing it

how will this eventually work? will sublemmies be activitypub groups? i know there’s some conflicting group stuff, at least i’ve heard on mastodon