Is there a bot that will scrape RSS / ATOM feeds and xpost to lemmy?

It would be handy for auto-posting new github releases, youtube vids, SO content, etc. …


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Troll attack, again

This is horrible and terrible. Just suspend new subscription untill you find a way to address this thing. Now we have gore image too. Please just shut down new subscriptions for now, those trolls attacks are completely out of control…


Brigaders are coming from /pol/

I found the source of the brigaders. …

fedilink is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts

They’re all sent by a handful of recently created accounts. …


Should we move StackOverflow content to

It would be nice to have the content from StackOverflow in here. Since the content has a creative commons license, it’s enough to copy and paste the license in each post. What do the admins think? Should we wait until there are tags or flags or some other way of sorting the questions or could we sta…


RSS feed for all my subscribed communities?

I know I can get feeds for specific communities, but is there a way to get a single feed with all my subscribed communities? …


Why does the instances list have peertube sites?

The instances list currently seems to be mostly lemmy instances with a couple of peertube sites like tilvids and framatube for some reason. I am confused as to why. The idea is to link lemmy instances, is it not? We don’t yet have federation with peertube yet do we?..


Lemmy URLs should be human-meaningful

I just posted this in a comment here: (link goes to the “What are your most wanted Lemmy features?” post in the “lemmy” community) …


How to make custom changes to a lemmy code base and deploy it to your instance. A video walk through.

Saw someone on github ask for a video on making changes to lemmy to edit their instance. I had a few minutes today and made a video. I hope someone finds this useful. …


Is there a way to get historical data on subscribers count by community?

I think it would be a great metric for mods to see the growth dynamics of a community.



Today there was a huge amount of activity, apart from the spam, I really liked it. …


Moving instances and deleting users
  1. I can see that people have been asking for the ability to - as a user - move to a different Lemmy-instance. Is this still considered? How probably is it that it will be implemented any time soon?
  2. When I create a user at an instance, I delete it, but then afterwards I want to create it again (w…

Don't count deleted comments

I clicked on a post with 2 comments, only to see that both are by someone who has been banned + their comments deleted. …


Clarifying the Ansible Instructions - 2 Questions

A couple questions about the lemmy-ansible instructions: …


Login bug when changing the password in another browser

I just changed my password in another browser while being logged in with my current browser and that created a redirect loop, apparently the start page gets a API error with the password, redirects to the 404 page and that checks the same password, gets the error and redirects again. It worked after…


Anyone else thinks that "_" in community addresses should be gone?

In my opinion the only good thing it does is to create copies of already existing communities, so basically people tend to follow one community or the other and it divides the people who could be active. …


What if … Cross posts were only symlinks?

I see it very often, especially with Linux, Libre Culture and Open Source, that one and the same is discussed in 2 or more threads. In one a consent was found, in another not, and in the third are only posted links to one of the other discussions. So I asked myself, what if a cross post would only l…


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