How to reduce visibility for some instances or communities?
I've seen [an issue]( on Github about how > It's hard to see posts from smaller communities when you are also subscribed to larger communities. What are your ideas on how this could be accomplished?

So i was previously banned on lemmy for actions that did not take place on the main page of lemmy.
I guess my question is, will i and my community be allowed to stay here or am I just wasting my time. That being said, feel free to dm me or insult me, criticize me as you like. Not sure if this can be seen on the main instance of lemmy or across the fediverse as s whole as im ignorant to this and truth be told, just a former local singer/rapper now turned truck driver. But let me know your thoughts. Also please dont punish kapow for hosting free forum and my band of merry men and one chick

I propose not only a friday dance party for exploding heads but also a a friday dance party that the entire fediverse contributes to.
cross-posted from: > Share your favorite songs and music every friday, original content is appreciated, share your thoughts on if this should be a thing. I find music to be a neutral platform for the most part, it’s just sometimes politics get involved, the one rule for this event is no politics

Lemmy Community-Browser
cross-posted from: > The community browser offers the possibility to search centrally for Lemmy communities. > > ::: spoiler spoiler > There are still a few features planned... > ::: [source-code](

Security exception required to connect to Lemmygrad
I'm running Firefox 109 with arkenfox (mostly default settings). When I try and connect to, I'm given an `SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN` error. Once I create an exception, I can use the website like normal. Is this something going on in the backend of things or are my browser settings just too high? Note: doesn't have this issue, I can connect with no warning about certificates.

A collection of videos of how to install Lemmy
I was looking for how to install Lemmy and found these videos, hope these can help if you need to install you instance. 3:31 24:49 25:51 1:47

Lemmy and Hashtags
cross-posted from: > Does Lemmy currently use hashtags in any way? I'm assuming it doesn't since they don't show up in the UI anywhere. But while thinking about [non-lemmy software posting to lemmy communities](, I was wondering how lemmy would use hashtags. > > My suggestion would be for lemmy to handle hashtags in a similar way to current microblogging software, by putting them in the `tag` field and allow lemmy users to add #hashtags to their posts. [Lobsters]( displays tags beside post titles (though these tags are admin controlled I think). It seems like there is a maximum of 2 tags, which I think would be a reasonable limit for lemmy to display too. The UI could display the tags as badges, with some affordance to view any additional tags, and clicking a tag would show other posts with that tag. > > As for why, I think tags on lemmy would serve two main purposes: > 1. They would enable better discoverability on non-lemmy software where hashtags are the main topical grouping mechanism right now. > 1. While lemmy uses communities for topical grouping, some posts might fit into multiple categories, even unrelated categories. Crossposting sort of solves this, but crossposting can be considered spammy if it's done too much. And, on lemmy, crossposting creates another post which fractures the conversation. This may be desirable sometimes, but a poster may also prefer to keep all the conversation in one spot.

Apologies for all the translators that weren't able to sign up before (it was email issues), this should be fixed now.

Notification to linked site?
A Lemmy post will often refer to a specific web link. Is there an API for the linked site to be notified about Lemmy posts referring to it (e.g. to be able to link back, or even to integrate Lemmy comments)?

Create New Post Linking to Lemmy Community
This is a lemmy feature request. I'm happy to file an issue on github is people thinks this is worthwhile. I just want to gauge interest. When creating a new post, could the `URL` field be expanded to also accept a lemmy community handle, i.e, _!lemmy@lemmy.ml_? That way a user could create a post to announce a community that would link to the community, within the instance the user is on. See [this post]( for an example. My lemmy account is on So when I follow the link in this post, I'm taken to and can't directly follow the community. It'd be nicer if each instance detected that the link was a lemmy group and linked to the instance local community, in this case: I'm assuming this would just be a frontend thing and the ActivityPub json would still use the canonical url.

What are “Trending” communities
It seems that it's just recently created communities, at least on the instance I'm on. Is that how it works everywhere..? I feel that "Trending" ≠ recently created. Either it should be renamed, or what I'd prefer is that a way to differentiate "trending" communities.

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What is the intended method of content discovery?
I'm running on a personal lemmy instance, and I've been able to simply re-subscribe to the communities that I was subscribed to on my previous account. But what if I didn't have that? How would I discover those communities? On the micro blogging fediverse, I can use relays, follow other peoples boosts, or join groups etc for content discovery and to give me federated content in general on which to do content discovery. What does that look like in the lemmyverse niche of the fediverse? How does a small single person instance find new content? How do they get richer content search options etc? Right now, I'm just using search on for that, but that's a work around, not a solution

Why Do Lemmy Comments Have Two URLs? - Lemmy
Is there a better way to crosspost a text post?

YSK: there is a setting to hide votes in Lemmy
I recently discovered that I can hide votes for all posts and comments (there is a setting). And this makes life a bit easier, I think. My judgement comes more from content itself, not from votes.

Request for build servers
We are looking for someone who would be willing to provide a build server for Lemmy's continuous integration. This is used to ensure that new changes and pull requests pass all the checks, and that the code is written well. At the moment we are using a small VPS for this purpose (2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM). This works but is quite slow, and can slow down the development process with unnecessary waiting times. For this reason we are looking for a community member with a spare server or computer, who would be willing to provide it as a build server. There are no specific hardware requirements, but the faster the better. The build server has to run 24/7 and run the [Drone Docker Runner]( The setup is very easy, especially if your machine is already running docker. If you have such a server and are willing to provide it, please comment below with the specs. Additionally we are also looking for an ARM builder, so that we can provide official releases for this platform as well. Note that some Raspberry Pi models seem unable to build Lemmy (our 4GB memory builder failed), so please try if the compilation works on your device. If you can provide an ARM builder, also comment below with the specs.

Sort algorithm when viewing all communities’ posts
Hi ! This is a suggestion/thought on the option to show ALL communities posts on Lemmy's homepage. The homepage UI is nice because it provides a single place to view posts from either Local to All instance, it makes the fediverse feel whole. One downside is that, since some instances are much larger than others, the All section is often dominated by posts from a single instance. I don't mind seeing posts, but that seems a bit much. It's good to see a diversity of information/opinions (as opposed to Twitter's bubble). A new sort option would be nice to give better visibility to posts on smaller instances. Maybe tweaking the weight to better account for community size . Let's say the default logic is a function of upvote counts, you'd scale the upvote based on instance size (eg weight=upvotes/sqrt(instance active users)). Edit Lemmy's documentation call this the "score"

Feature request: preview images from image posts on mastodon like they’re an image gallery rather th
Let's say you're on reddit and someone posts an imgur gallery, from an app like Boost you can view and browse that album without leaving boost. But if I post a link to a mastodon toot that has 4 images, and I click the post in jerboa it will instead open a new window into the actual mastodon page. I've argued for the value of "post once distribute everywhere" but if that paradigm isn't right for the fediverse at the very least the ux for linking mastodon image posts could be improved. Instead of posting once distributing everywhere it would be at least possible to post once and then link everywhere. (this doesn't fix issues like trying to get stuff like pixelfed working but it's worth a thought)

A poem about Lemmy
``` The land of Lemmy, a vast expanse, A place for all to share their thoughts and glance At the latest memes and news from around, With communities for every topic that can be found. There's !funny for the jokes that make us laugh, !asklemmy for the questions that we want to ask, And !science for the latest discoveries to be found, Lemmy has a place for everyone on the ground. Whether you're looking for advice or want to share your own, Lemmy's the place to go where you'll never be alone. So come and join the conversation, On the land of Lemmy, where ideas take flight without hesitation. ```

LemmyBB, a new frontend based on phpBB
Lemmy is structured in a way that backend (database, api, federation etc) and frontend (html, css, javascript) are completely separate. This makes it possible to create other frontends which can take the place of lemmy-ui. I have long been playing with the thought of having a Lemmy frontend that looks more like a traditional forum. Now I finally found some time to work on this, and get an initial proof of concept working. ![]( ![]( To reduce the amount of work, the project uses HTML templates and CSS themes from [phpBB](, which are open source under GPLv2. This also has the advantage that many preexisting phpBB themes can be used for lemmyBB. It is written in Rust, because it allows for tight integration with the Lemmy API, and is generally a great language for webservers. For now the funcionality is very basic, but nonetheless its already usable. You can: - browse the local post listing - browse comments - login and logout - create new posts and comments To give it a try, run the following commands on your local computer, replacing with your own instance: ``` git clone LEMMY_INTERNAL_HOST= cargo run ``` If there is any specific feature that you would like to see added, please [open an issue]( For now there arent any instructions for deploying lemmyBB to a server. If you would like to do that, please open an issue as well. This post was made from lemmyBB.

What are your feeling concerning Lemmy today?
I like it a lot. I come here often, it's a good addition to my reddit use, it has some nice people and some interesting content. I love that it is decentralized, which means that there will always be a server without ads, tracking or bad governance. Also it feels like being part of Lemmy is being part of something new and novel. The idea of decentralizing services online, away from corporate silos, should be resurrected.

Is there a bot that will scrape RSS / ATOM feeds and xpost to lemmy?
It would be handy for auto-posting new github releases, youtube vids, SO content, etc. If not I'll make one, so recommend libs =]

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Troll attack, again
This is horrible and terrible. Just suspend new subscription untill you find a way to address this thing. Now we have gore image too. Please just shut down new subscriptions for now, those trolls attacks are completely out of control

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Brigaders are coming from /pol/
I found the source of the brigaders. Links to thread if interested. ::: spoiler spoiler Archive :::
fedilink is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts
They're all sent by a handful of recently created accounts. Should there be an admin approval system for first posts, or something similar to slow down such attempts? Edit 2: The [brigaders are coming from /pol/]( as found by []( Edit 3: They've now been banned. Thank you mods.
9 is being brigaded with anti-semitic posts

It would be nice to have the content from StackOverflow in here. Since the content has a creative commons license, it's enough to copy and paste the license in each post. What do the admins think? Should we wait until there are tags or flags or some other way of sorting the questions or could we start importing them to this instance? Maybe you don't want them in here and prefer them to be on another instance.

RSS feed for all my subscribed communities?
I know I can get feeds for specific communities, but is there a way to get a single feed with all my subscribed communities? I'd like to have one feed that updates when I join or leave a community, instead of needing to subscribe both in Lemmy and my RSS reader.

Why does the instances list have peertube sites?
The instances list currently seems to be mostly lemmy instances with a couple of peertube sites like tilvids and framatube for some reason. I am confused as to why. The idea is to link *lemmy* instances, is it not? We don't yet have federation with peertube yet do we?

Lemmy URLs should be human-meaningful
I just posted this in a comment here: (link goes to the *"What are your most wanted Lemmy features?"* post in the *"lemmy"* community) I am following up now with this new post, because I just found (link goes to the "Community name in post URL" issue on the lemmy project's github, under the LemmyNet organization... note github has 2 of those 3 pieces of information in their URL) where I learned that []( has actually thought about this and arrived at (imo) the wrong conclusion. Afaict, they have decided that having human-meaningful in URLs is "silly" and therefore we shouldn't?! I am hoping they'll change their mind! I think having no idea what a URL is about makes for a really lousy user experience. When people send me lemmy links, I want to have a clue as to what they're about before I decide to click it. Maybe I've seen it before. Maybe it's a meme, and I want to look at it later. Or maybe it's the answer to a question I urgently need to know the answer to. So, I have to click to find out - often to discover it is just a meme i've seen 3 times already. Having the community name and the post title in the URL would make my lemmy experience much better. In my opinion, there is no benefit to lemmy URLs being short except for in the rare case that you need to transmit one verbally or on paper. But, in that case, you can actually just omit the post title when copying the URL, as there would still be a database ID preceding it! (Try it with a reddit URL: if you remove the title slug and just supply the database ID, it redirects you to the post's canonical URL with the slug in it.) Lemmy devs: please reconsider this!

How to make custom changes to a lemmy code base and deploy it to your instance. A video walk through.
Saw someone on github ask for a video on making changes to lemmy to edit their instance. I had a few minutes today and made a video. I hope someone finds this useful. [Instructions to clone down and debug lemmy in VSCode here]( Or you can use the default lemmy docker build instructions [here](

Is there a way to get historical data on subscribers count by community?
I think it would be a great metric for mods to see the growth dynamics of a community. It also could be used to add another filter like "growing communities" in addition or instead of "trending communities" which is simply a list of recently created as far as I understand.

Today there was a huge amount of activity, apart from the spam, I really liked it. Gives a bit of a feel of the future. Lemmy is going to be even better with more growth!

Moving instances and deleting users
1) I can see that people have been asking for the ability to - as a user - move to a different Lemmy-instance. Is this still considered? How probably is it that it will be implemented any time soon? 2) When I create a user at an instance, I delete it, but then afterwards I want to create it again (with the same name), it says that the user already exists. Is this intentional? Will it be possible to (re)create a user with the same name after some time? Or never?

Don’t count deleted comments
I clicked on a post with 2 comments, only to see that both are by someone who has been banned + their comments deleted. So my minor suggestion is to make it known that a comment has been deleted, but not to include it in the count anymore.

Clarifying the Ansible Instructions - 2 Questions
A couple questions about the [lemmy-ansible]( instructions: *** **Step 1 - “Clone this repo: /lemmy-ansible.git”** *QUESTION 1* - Clone it to my local machine, correct? (not directly onto the VPS) ***ANSWER: - Yes, clone lemmy-ansible to local.*** *** **Step 2 - “Edit the config file”** *QUESTION 2* - By default, config.hjson has values like hostname: "{{ domain }}" - and - password: "{{ postgres_password }}". - Are those “{{values}}” automatically pulled from the hosts file? - or just directly edit them in the config.hjson file? ***ANSWER: - Edit them directly in the config.hjson file.*** *** Thank you for your patience. I want to do it right / understand. ***UPDATE: Installed Lemmy on VPS via SSH***

2 Noob Questions - lemmy File Location / Migration
Hello Lemmy people, I’m trying to wrap my head around where editable files ultimately ‘live’ after Ansible install to a VPS. For example: 1. If you want to modify a specific cell in a Postgres table using Arctype (or another SQL GUI) - would you be: - directly modifying the VPS instance? - or modifying a mirrored database on your local computer? *** 2. If you setup Lemmy using a ‘1 year free trial’ from a VPS (like digital ocean)...and then want to migrate the Lemmy instance to another VPS (like Hetzner), would you be: - ‘pushing’ the custom Lemmy instance from your local computer to a new VPS? - or directly migrating the files from one VPS to the other? --- I realize these are noob questions. Thank you for your patience. Lemmy looks really cool.

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