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Hi, I did not use the ansible playbook so I have no confirmation of what I’m saying here, just talking from my experience with ansible.

  1. Yes, you need to clone it to your local machine even if it would also work from your VPS it’s much more practical to run ansible from a separate host.
  2. Those {{ values }} are defined somewhere in your ansible inventory. For example {{ domain }} is defined in the hosts file you have to copy (domain=example.com)

Yes but it’ll only show content for communities that have already been subscribed to/searched for from your instance

Hi, I had this problem on my instance since I’m the only user. I found a workaround to get all lemmy.ml communities to show up on mine, I posted about it here: https://lemmy.coupou.fr/post/10428

Oh that’s good news, thanks!

Yeah agreed that’s a workaround but this issue is common for services relying on the fediverse and more globally for decentralized services.

I mean you can’t expect to know each and every e-mail address of every domains when you sign up with a mail provider. You would need some kind of agreement between two providers to share user lists.

I’m not well versed into activitypub but I don’t think such a feature exists. I guess because of privacy concerns amongst other things.

I installed Lemmy

I added Lemmy to the list of my self-hosted fediverse services, here’s what I think about it and how I made it more useful in a single-user instance configuration…


I think, the question here is why add code - that will have to be maintained - for a feature that is already implemented in your browser?

I understand that mobile users have to add one touch to achieve the same result but PC users Litterally only have to use just another mouse button, that does not seem to be that big an adjustment.

If that is really important I read down this post that someone implemented it as an extension, maybe that’s the way to go, or use a mobile app, as lemmur which works as intended?

If I understand correctly, this is a feature that would only benefit mobile users who either way have workarounds available.

I’m not saying it should never be implemented but there could be more pressing issues to address.

What did you replace youtube with

Hi everyone, I’ve been following the de-google-ify internet campaign of framasoft for several years now and have replace a lot of GAFAM services doing so but the only service I’m truly struggling with replacing is youtube…


Ok I didn’t understand the request. I think not opening in a new window would not be a problem if by hitting the “back” link it would take you back exactly where you were before opening the link (as reddit works I think, I remember it opening a modal window).

Anyway if this gets implemented It would need to be a setting as some people (yeah you guessed right I’m part of those) would find that annoying, I don’t like a website deciding for me where a link should be opened (unless again it’s opened in the same window but in a modal).

I rather use middle click on my computer and on android the lemmur client works exactly as reddit.

You mean you need an extra button/link on the interface? The options provided by your os / browser aren’t good enough? (Either middle click or Ctrl+click on PC, long tap on mobile)

Ok so that’s half working as expected, my publication appears on Lemmy.ml but I can’t get Lemmy.ml content appear on my instance.

I checked:

What else could be wrong?

Test pour voir si mon autre instance récupère le contenu de celle-ci

Pour vérifier si les instances distantes récupèrent le contenu de celle-ci…


Ok so I managed to make federation working, mind your versions!

I had tried version 0.11.3 and 0.13.0, those were not working, finally tried 0.13.3 as suggested by @nutomic:matrix.org and now everything is working as expected…