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Does anyone know what this thing is? Some kind of decentralized, open source, anti-establishment, etc platform aiming to be an alternative to twitter, but we plebs aren’t allowed to see or participate in the development process or even see any source repositories yet.

To me there’s a bunch of red flags, but I can’t put my finger on what I reckon they’re flagging. It’s that combo of roll-your-own-crypto and promises of decentralization and secret-open-source-development-model all tied together with node.js and blockchain.

No mention of other decentralization efforts, their envisaged place/relationship with the fediverse, ActivityPub, Mastodon, possibility of extending their new blockchain protocol ideas with other platforms. Nothing even about how they’re better than the fediverse or whatever.

They were banned from twitter tho so they “must be legit”? The slides on the “tech” page mostly have this “COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE - NOT FOR UNAUTHORISED USE OR DISSEMINATION” watermarks, which is pretty weird.