There is this tool called age written in go and a fully compatible Rust implementation called rage. They promise to be a simple tool for encrypting files and other things. …


I tried to find videos on these Reflectacles but only came across this one, I’ve been wanting a pair but do you guys think their worth it for the 64-164 dollar price tag. How much will they actually help. …




How can I upload a video and retain my anonymity?

I want to record my screen while I talk, but I would like to distort my voice like they do in the anonymous videos, to retain my anonymity. How can I do that? I’d rather not use a TTS engine as it would be difficult to synchronize the sound with the video of the screen. I just want to distort my voi…


Do you use different emails and how do you organize them?

Also, do you use disposable emails? What for? …


Do you use extensions on Tor browser?

I like to use Tor for everything except streaming videos. But I have it setup with a few add-ons to make it a more pleasant browsing experience. I know it increases fingerprintability, so I wanted to know in case you use Tor browser on a regular basis, do you use any extensions? Do you feel the trad…


is biolife plasma privacy invasive?

is biolife plasma privacy invasive? Are they going to sell your dna like dna testing kits?..


(note: I linked to the Open Rights Group page on this, who are a great organisation) …


How is Qubes as a VM?

I think Qubes also uses Whonix in virtual machine so I don’t think nesting those virtual machines is a good idea. Has anyone used it and what is your opinion?..


Help Chile write free software values, privacy, and digital sovereignty into their constitution

TL;DR: Chile is currently running a convent for a new constitution and there is a proposal to adopt the free software values and privacy into their constitution. It will be proposed to the convent if 15,000 Chilean signatures can be collected…


  • double-ratchet E2E encryption using AES-256-GCM cipher with X3DH key agreement using 2 ephemeral Curve448 keys to derive secrets for ratchet initialization. These keys and secrets are separate for each contact, group membership and file transfer …

I found a product that can help improve the privacy of apps installed on your phone by replacing them with PWA. You will still get notifications, but the apps will not be able to access sensitive parts of your device. …


Element started asking users for opting in "anonymous analytics" to better understand their users' needs

What do you think? The Hated One said Signal was the honeypot, but it looks like Element is the real one. Signal doesn’t even have analytics, or barely something that we should be afraid of…


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