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A problem that can easily be solved with more mods :) Lemmy has grown a lot lately so I consider this a growing pain.

I think we had that question before and maybe it was because it already had been reported by you? Maybe it sends twice or sth like that

/pol/ has always been the worst 4chan board. It doesn’t disappoint here, also it’s such a pathetic attack…

Lmao that is the funniest thing I have seen all week.

I don’t even like those with jumpscares. Watching someone playing is fine, but not myself.

I like the way it is better, like @dessalines@lemmy.ml said it’s easier to understand for non-tech people.

It can prevent a lot of spam and help mods with workload.

I agree that it’s a bad idea. Post quality is an issue if you have the feeling that nobody is going to see the post anyways.

But cross-posting doesn’t work, it doesn’t on the fediverse and won’t here.