Estudante de Engenharia Informática apaixonado pela área; algures em Portugal.

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Computer science student, passionate about the field; somewhere in Portugal.

Administrator of the instance.

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Could you point out to me which users we are talking about (DM ig)? I’d like to ban then on too.

What's cooking on SourceHut? January 2022

New update on sourcehut! …


I think that would be nice, but I don’t know how feasible it would be in terms of AP. Curious to see what dessalines or nutomic say about it.

Sounds like a nice filter that could be added :)
You should open a GitHub issue too

Yeah for sure. Discoverability ain’t a trivial topic in a decentralized/federated context, but it needs to be tackled.

The search idea is neat, but I think Lemmy should fix this upstream. Add some way for remote instances to discover communities on the network more easily.

You should probably open an issue on the lemmy-ui repository :)