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Do you use different emails and how do you organize them?
Also, do you use disposable emails? What for? I have a lot of emails made with simple login and I use the same one only for three websites. Then I get all emails forwarded to the same email, and an email for personal use (family, work, friends...) also forwarded to that one. So something like this: ``` o o o o personal \ | / / | / | / o ```

Do you use extensions on Tor browser?
I like to use Tor for everything except streaming videos. But I have it setup with a few add-ons to make it a more pleasant browsing experience. I know it increases fingerprintability, so I wanted to know in case you use Tor browser on a regular basis, do you use any extensions? Do you feel the trade-off in privacy is worth it?

Nice, I’m going to make a python script to import the content, probably with selenium. What delay do I use between requests.

It would be nice to have the content from StackOverflow in here. Since the content has a creative commons license, it's enough to copy and paste the license in each post. What do the admins think? Should we wait until there are tags or flags or some other way of sorting the questions or could we start importing them to this instance? Maybe you don't want them in here and prefer them to be on another instance.

How is Qubes as a VM?
I think Qubes also uses Whonix in virtual machine so I don't think nesting those virtual machines is a good idea. Has anyone used it and what is your opinion?

Which Android apps are safe to use over Tor?
I decided to route all network traffic through the Tor network with Invizible Pro, but I was told that [malicious exit nodes can see my data](https://lemmy.ml/post/148129/comment/108544). So are there any apps that you know that are safe to use over Tor? I have most apps' access to the internet blocked with the firewall anyway. But I want to be sure at least for F-droid, FairEmail, Fennec, Syncthing, Syphon and Lemmur. As well as the [system services](https://pastebin.com/b4C5W5qD).

Open source software that implements advanced search?
It's to take a look for a website project that I'm making.

Advanced search for open source projects?
Is there an advanced search engine that allows me to search in all software hosting providers at once? I would like to be able to select things like programming languages, total number of lines, last update, etc.

Why aren’t fediverse instances more connected?
I've recently tried to use peertube and I think it could improve a lot if it showed all the content in all instances. But instead you have to look around many instances to try and find something you like. Then there's other thing, it can't suggest content if it doesn't know what you like and without sharing the data between the instances it doesn't know anything about anyone. If the user data was encrypted and shared between all sites, when you log in it could use the now decrypted user data to suggest content. Or maybe it can share the data with third parties, I don't really know.

We need to discuss an alternative to the Metaverse
Usually the open source community is very scattered, there are many groups developing similar projects like operating systems for instance. If all open source developers focused on the same system it would be miles ahead of the proprietary alternative but it's usually the other way around. I think with the Metaverse is important that we focus early on a single project because if the Metaverse gains traction everyone may end up living in Facebook's virtual reality and that would be the same as if we considered Mark Zuckerberg to be our god.

LF any open source software that may inspire me while making a new file manager with a crowdsourced metadata database for data curators.
I want to make a file manager that allows users to filter content based on tags, dates, etc. For example to search every movie for a specific actor between two dates sorted by score. I was thinking of making it so that everyone was using the same distributed database, so tagging new content would be as easy as getting the hash for the new files and then if other user had already tagged it you wouldn't need to. But I couldn't figure out a way to make it distributed without some users messing up the database, so then I thought of doing the same but with a server, to make sure users couldn't vote many times. The server would have the same filtering options as the clients and also reviews and scores like a mix of imdb, metacritic, goodreads, musicbrainz, etc... And it would have an API so that the clients which would be file managers could upload and download metadata to update the database without having to visit the website. The clients would be something like calibre, beets, etc.. Tags and reviews could be voted to improve their visibility like in lemmy and to select the proper metadata because some users may make mistakes while curating their data. There would be content suggestion based on user scores. These are the open source projects that I've found which are similar in some aspects to what I want to make. - [TagSpaces](https://github.com/tagspaces/tagspaces) is an offline, open source, document manager with tagging support. - [Calibre](https://github.com/kovidgoyal/calibre): e-book manager. - [beets](https://github.com/beetbox/beets): music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger. - [Hydrus](https://github.com/hydrusnetwork/hydrus): a personal booru-style media tagger that can import files and tags from your hard drive and popular websites. Content can be shared with other users via user-run servers. - [Video Hub App](https://github.com/whyboris/Video-Hub-App): browse, search, and organize your videos. - [mediaChips](https://github.com/fupdec/mediaChips): manage your videos, add any metadata to them and play them. - [Stash](https://github.com/StashApp/Stash): an organizer for your porn. - [Record](https://github.com/mistakia/record-app) is an immutable distributed system for audio files. - [lib.reviews](https://github.com/eloquence/lib.reviews): a free/libre code and information platform for reviews of anything. What other open source projects can you think of?