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The median income per worker in the US is around $35,000. …


You can search users from peertube apparently, though their posts don’t show up yet. For example if you search @thelinuxexperiment@tilvids.com in lemmy.ml his account shows up, but again no videos because that part hasn’t been worked out I guess.

I agree but fwiw proton can be better than a lot of simpler ports. I remember the binding of isaac had a native port but it ran terribly and I just stopped playing because I assumed either something was wrong with the game or it was something with linux and I couldn’t figure out which. Apparently most people just played in proton because it ran great. When the released the latest DLC they dropped linux support but it still runs better than ever on proton.

There should probably be some ability to crosspost without being a symlink, maybe as a secondary option, but this is a great idea