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We could start with a clone of /r/learnprogramming and expand from there.

Are there any mdoern peer 2 peer games? Like connecting serial cables to two 486 PCs so you can fight each other in your favourite shooter, but modern?

I can host it in a VPS in Canada, but I don’t have my own server unfortunately.

Canadian here, already have experience as an admin of Lemmy.ml. I can take over it if you want!

80% of Steam’s top 100 games

So… 80 of them? Not sure why they didn’t just say that.

A plan to implement a system similar to Reddit’s flairs is in the queue, but it’s currently not a priority.

Just a heads up, !lemmy@lemmy.ml is for discussing relating to the Lemmy project only. Your post has been removed as it’s off topic. Maybe try posting this in a cryptocurrency community.

It’s honestly ridiculous that there’s even the possibility of software trains being as expensive than physical models.

When Epic Games was giving away TrainSimWorld for free, pretty much the consensus of the entire rail fan community was that it wasn’t even worth zero dollars because apparently you have to pay through the nose to actually get any of the cool trains.