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There is also a mobile app for iOS.
But in general I am always skeptical about software that advertises itself as “Based in Luxembourg (Germany, …), secure by design”. As if the country in which a software is developed has any influence on how secure a software is. 🤷 …


What if … Cross posts were only symlinks?

I see it very often, especially with Linux, Libre Culture and Open Source, that one and the same is discussed in 2 or more threads. In one a consent was found, in another not, and in the third are only posted links to one of the other discussions. So I asked myself, what if a cross post would only l…


And I think you need to learn to type and make a difference between ad and information!

I think I need this 😂…


The option to set a global default theme for the ui

No, there is no possibility for tags. And as of my personal opinion I’m really glad about. I wouldn’t want to see a clone of Instagram, where everybody adds a bunch of tags at the bottom of their post, just because of the search. Or the misusage of a tag, like I’ve seen already on Mastodon.

When they only think on fap, they have other problems than the name of my instance.
And yes. The name of the instance is derived from the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information.

Fapsi - An instance for all the creative. No matter if you're a writer, author or illustrator.

My intention behind the instance is to provide a place for creatives to discuss or present their work. Mastodon may be all good, but a topic tends to get lost quickly, and for authors and writers the character limit is usually an obstacle.
In contrast to the usual instances in the Fediverse, on Fa…


appened organically with mastodon and the #fediblock tag

I really, really hate this tag. Every time I see it, it feels like someone opened the door of the cell to the Social Justice Warriors. On Mastodon, it is often misused by hypocrites to spread their frustration and make others bad. The idea behind it is not bad, but the implementation is usually pathetic.

I’ve managed to include lemmy.ml and fapsi.be search results in my public searx instance on search.bka.li


hmm 🤔 … Normally, the following in the settings.yml should do the trick:

  - name : lemmy
    engine : json_engine
    search_url : https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search?q={query}&page={pageno}
    results_query : posts
    url_query : post/ap_id
    title_query : post/name
    content_query : post/body
    categories : social media
    shortcut : le
    paging : True
    disabled : False

But my searx instance doesn’t even seem to fetch the JSON.

Perfect. Now I take a look at searx settings and how I can integrate it.

Lemmy's search as JSON

Is it possible to get Lemmy’s search result in JSON format? E.g., to include the search in search engines like searx. That would be really awesome…


I’m not sure about that all. It’s the same with this Twitter bridge crap for Mastodon/Pleroma. It works for some days, maybe some weeks. But on one day, they will just ignore the platform, which has less “interaction”. Even if one would mirror the comments from Lemmy to Reddit, the problem remains. And who knows how Reddit will react? I would bet, that they will soon deny such actions and ban those accounts after the first “bridges” appear. 🤷

It’s done with activitypub and any software using it, like Mastodon or Misskey, will work 🙂