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Question about Signal

My friend and I were discussing cell phone security and he said that if someone backdoored your phone that they could read all your signal messages. Is this true? I would think that the only way to view signal messages is to literally open up the app and view them…


My first useful bash script ever that updates Lemmy's docker-compose.yml

Constructive feedback is appreciated. …


Question about graphics quality with USB-C to HDMI adapter

I have a 1440p @ 144Hz monitor that only takes HDMI and a machine with an HDMI port and a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port. Am I getting the same quality graphics out of the HDMI to HDMI as I would out of the USB-C to HDMI setup? Forgive me as I’m not a gamer or anything and don’t know much about graphics s…


I remember someone else asked the devs about this and they said it’s not a good feature for accessibility.

I disagree, but another reason to block this is because I know where this new age garbage leads to. It leads to stuff like QAnon and BS conspiracy theories about lizard people. I used to sort of be into this stuff back in college.

Adding this to my blocklist since there’s some heavy anti-vaxx sentiment going on there.