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What software/library to use to write a bot that snipes a PS5 as soon as it is available for preorder?

I have tried to use fast fingers to preorder a PS5 as soon as it restocks and have failed. Now I want to turn to the dark side. …


Some From Soft games - Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro

Indies - Hollow Knight, Celeste

How do people enjoy horror games?

I feel tangibly anxious when playing horror games so trying to understand how people who enjoy horror games do it. …


Anything like NewPipe but for Twitch or YouTube streams?

Just want to listen to that lofi stream while studying. …


You can download it to a temporary location (using mktemp), then compare the checksums of the existing and downloaded files, and move the file from temporary location to $FILE if the checksum is different. This is not necessary though since docker-compose can tell if the compose file has changed, but it will be helpful to the user to know whether they have downloaded an updated file or not.